SMART* design for the smart grid

The DryKeep® SMART (SCADA Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) design includes permanently installed moisture-in-oil sensors and a PLC-based monitoring and control system.  The dry-out process is monitored and regulated continuously to ensure proper results.  The operator interface (HMI) displays the estimated percentage of moisture in the paper, incoming and outgoing moisture-in-oil in parts per million, oil temperature, system status and alarms, pump operation, and flow integrity.  Read more.

  • SCADA-ready SMART design for the Smart Grid
  • Extends the life of new and old transformers
  • Continuous on-line moisture reduction and monitoring
  • Low-cost and virtually maintenance-free
  • Poses no risk to the transformer
  • Easy to install & saturated cylinders are regenerated
  • Lowers costs, increases reliability & safety

Designed By An Electric Utility For Electric Utilities