Vaisala Success Story: DryKeep® Transformer Dehydration System Vanquishes #1 Enemy: Moisture



The DryKeep® system requires little maintenance other than periodic visual inspection for leaks. If applicable, the small oil pump requires occasional operational inspection and the filter cylinder may have to be replaced periodically.


DryKeep® Brochure Download


How to Information:

Installation instructions for Basic DryKeep®

Installation instructions for SMART DryKeep®



Moisture Management of Live Transformers by Rotek Engineering

Options for moisture control in power transformers by Joseph W. Carbery

The Effect of Moisture on the Breakdown Voltage of Transformer Oil by VAISALA

Monitoring Transformer’s Oil Moisture Levels by VAISALA


Onsite Installations:

DryKeepInstallationF DryKeepInstallationE DryKeepInstallationD DryKeepInstallationC DryKeepInstallationB DryKeepInstallationA

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